NBC’s Cheap Shot Against PragerU Fails To Disclose Public School Advocates

MRC Latino | December 20, 2023
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ANTONIA HYLTON: A few minutes down the road, families like the Reyes, who are a mix of white, Choctaw and Mexican-American, say that the broader cultural war playing out in schools is hurting teachers. 

JOEY REYES: We trust our people, right? We trust our educators- like we said, this is the community. 

HYLTON: We showed them some of PragerU’s videos designed for kids. 

OWENS: 300,000 Union soldiers, overwhelmingly white, who died during the Civil War. Zoey is in fifth grade. 

ZOEY REYES: What I noticed was, no other culture did anything. No other culture died. No other culture tried to stop slavery. Which I know that isn’t true. 

LYNDSEY REYES: That’s extremely concerning to me. Because it’s, you know, so much inaccuracy. Um. With things.