NBC Whines About New Yorkers Feeling Unsafe Despite ‘Most Metrics’

Kathryn Eiler | April 9, 2024
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With November fast approaching, liberal NBC News was desperate to do everything they could to stack the deck in favor of Democrats, particularly when it came to downplaying how their weak-on-crime policies were hurting average Americans. During Tuesday’s Today, senior national correspondent Tom Llamas lamented that the residents of New York City felt unsafe despite how “most metrics” claimed otherwise. He also noted that bail reform was a driving problem but didn’t mention that it was a Democratic brainchild.

Llamas seemed confused why New Yorkers would feel unsafe if the reports showed that the crime rate was diminishing. “According to the NYPD, crime is actually coming down in most metrics, but when you talk to New Yorkers or read the papers it feels like a much different story,” he said. He later suggested that the crime numbers were just not going down fast enough.

What he refused to mention were the crime stats that were going up. According to a NYPD report from March 2024, “Felony assault and robbery each saw increases of 3.6% and 4.8%, respectively, and the number of reported rapes increased by three incidents.”