NBC Wanted Electoral College Abolished, Now Cheer Biden Affirmation


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Few things provided a better example of the liberal media’s hypocrisy than when they praised something that they pushed to destroy. The latest version of this came from Monday’s NBC Nightly News, which featured anchor Lester Holt and Justice correspondent Pete Williams celebrating the Electoral College affirming President-elect Biden’s victory. But for the last four years, NBC has promoted the abolishment of the Electoral College because that was how President Trump won in 2016.

President-elect Joe Biden took another critical step toward the White House today with the vote by the country's electors, known as the Electoral College, formalizing his victory,” Holt cheerfully announced before handing it off to Williams.

As the video portion of Williams’ report began, the correspondent declared: “This is what the actual vote for president looks like (…) 538 presidential electors met around the country, pledged to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their states.

Of course, he included footage of Georgia politician Stacey Abrams, who continued to push false claims that voter suppression was the reason she lost her race for governor.

“This process -- nearly as old as the nation -- has never before received this much attention,” Williams added.

But that’s not true. At least not on NBC.


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