NBC Uses Story on Olympic Refugee Team to Hit Trump


<p><em>More in the <a href="http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/kyle-drennen/2016/08/08/nbc-uses-story-…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the MRC&#39;s NewsBusters blog.</em></p>

<p>During an inspirational story on Monday&rsquo;s NBC <em>Today</em> about the first team of refugees to compete in the Olympics, co-host Matt Lauer couldn&rsquo;t resist the chance to take a dig a Republican nominee Donald Trump: <strong>&ldquo;The historic first by the IOC [International Olympic Committee] comes at a critical time when backlash against refugees has sparked fears in Europe, and here in the United States.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>A sound bite followed of Trump telling supporters: &ldquo;If I win, they&rsquo;re going back. They&rsquo;re going back. I&#39;m telling you. They&rsquo;re going back.&rdquo; Lauer didn&rsquo;t bother to explain that Republicans specifically objected to refugees from Syria given obvious concerns about terrorism.</p>

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