NBC Touts Protesters Shouting ‘Shame!’ at GOP After Health Care Vote

Kyle Drennen | May 4, 2017
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During an NBC News special report moments after House Republicans passed legislation repealing and replacing ObamaCare, Nightly News anchor Lester Holt drew viewers’ attention to left-wing protesters assembled outside the Capitol Building and touted: “And as we just took that camera, you saw it pan off of the park grounds next to the Capitol there, where protestors had been gathered. We thought we heard them shouting, ‘Shame! Shame!’ a moment ago as members – as Republican members of the House made their way out the east front of the Capitol...”

Initially he asked correspondent Kristen Welker if she could make out what was being shouted: “Kristen, I'm hearing some shouting, is that coming from your location or from the Capitol?” Welker, who was actually stationed at the White House, replied: “I believe that shouting is coming from the Capitol, Lester. Remember, there’s going to be a lot of opposition to this. The reason being, you still have a lot of Americans who are concerned about what this means.”

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