NBC Skewers Uber in One-Sided Segment; Hypes ‘a Rough Ride’ and ‘New Concerns’ About Company


<p><em>See more in the <a href="http://newsbusters.org/blogs/curtis-houck/2014/12/18/nbc-skewers-uber-o…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the Newsbusters blog.</em></p>

<p>In addition to its slanted coverage of the news regarding Cuba, <em>NBC Nightly News</em> on Thursday offered up a biased segment against the growing transportation company Uber by using two incidents involving its drivers to conclude that Uber&rsquo;s currently experiencing <strong>&ldquo;a rough ride&rdquo;</strong> over<strong> &ldquo;increasing concerns&rdquo;</strong> regarding safety.</p>

<p>NBC News correspondent Janet Shamlian only interviewed two individuals during her entire two-minute-and-19-second segment, with both being firmly against Uber and using the company as well.</p>

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