NBC Scoffs at Calls for Special Counsel for Hunter, ABC and CBS Cover-up


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On Wednesday, multiple Republican senators spoke out and demanded that acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen appoint a special counsel to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden’s dubious business and tax practices before it could be nixed by a Biden administration. Of course, Biden’s defenders in the broadcast networks largely covered up the calls for accountability while NBC Nightly News openly scoffed at the idea.

Completely ignoring the public comments from Republican senators on the matter, NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker (who moderated a presidential debate between President Trump and nominee Joe Biden) spent only 26 seconds on calls for a special counsel. She also made it seem as though those calls were only coming from Trump:

And according to an Associated Press report, President Trump is now considering pushing to have a special counsel appointed to investigate Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is already the focus of a federal criminal investigation examining if he broke tax and money laundering laws in his Chinese business dealings. He said he handled his affairs legally and appropriately. The President-Elect asked today if he's confident his son did nothing wrong.

Welker also included a soundbite of President-elect Biden saying he was “confident” that his son had done nothing wrong. Of course, she refused to note how that contradicted previous statements he’s made claiming he had never talked with his son about his business deals.


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