NBC: Recession? 'Depends on Who You Ask' (They Asked the Biden White House)

Scott Whitlock | July 27, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Parroting the new Biden talking points that a recession isn’t a recession, NBC on Wednesday said the whole thing is hard to figure out. According to reporter Tom Costello, “it depends on who you ask.” So who did he ask? Well, the Biden White House of course. Over on ABC, journalist Rebecca Jarvis said that there might not be a recession “technically.”  It was only on CBS that reporter Kris Van Cleave offered the truth: “Tomorrow, we get GDP numbers that are widely expected to show a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, and that is a key indicator traditionally that the U.S. has slipped into recession.” In the past few days, the White House has attempted to claim that two quarters of negative growth is not a recession. 

Back on the Today show, Costello noted that the Federal Reserve would likely be raising interest rates again. He wondered, “But is the economy already on a collision course for a recession? It depends on who you ask.” Apparently the person to answer that question is Brian Deese, the National Economics Council Director. 

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