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NBC Props Up Warren’s ‘Big Idea’ of ‘Free’ College, Loan Cancelation


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Tuesday’s installment of NBC Nightly News’s pre-debate, Democratic propaganda campaign featured Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and her “Big Idea” to “cancel about 95 percent of student loan debt and to make college, technical school, two-year, four-year all fee-free and tuition-free.”

As with the previous 10 of these so-called “Big Ideas” from the 2020 Democratic field, correspondent Harry Smith offered no analytical or expert takes on the Senator’s plan, only some weak questions about the policy in which he let her explain the concerns away.

Warren's plan would cancel up to $50,000 of student debt for 42 million Americans. She also wants free college at public institutions. To pay for it, she would tax welt, two cents on every dollar on fortunes greater than $50 million,” Smith explained to viewers on her behalf.

There was nothing offered to explain what canceling roughly $1.5 trillion in student loan debt would do to the finances of federal and private lenders. And viewers were left with only take Smith’s and Warren’s word that her plan could cover the cost of free secondary education for millions of people.


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