NBC Panel Blames ‘Trump Precedent’ for Cuomo’s Refusal to Resign


John Heilemann, on Sunday’s Meet the Press, blamed former President Trump for why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has refused to resign: “He’s following what is seen now as the Trump precedent. You know, if you are determined enough, you are shameless enough, you can hold on.”

Host Chuck Todd soon read from a post on an anti-Trump site which contended that expecting Cuomo to step down “requires admitting that the other party has standards and lays bare, once again, the cravenness of the excuse-making for Trump that kept the lights on for the past five years.” Todd scolded Trump supporters: “There’s a lot of conservative media, acolytes, and propagandists that are very excited about Cuomo’s downfall, but they seem to not be very self-reflective.”

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