NBC Panel Blames ‘Trump Precedent’ for Cuomo’s Refusal to Resign

Brent Baker | March 15, 2021
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John Heilemann, on Sunday’s Meet the Press, blamed former President Trump for why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has refused to resign: “He’s following what is seen now as the Trump precedent. You know, if you are determined enough, you are shameless enough, you can hold on.”

Host Chuck Todd soon read from a post on an anti-Trump site which contended that expecting Cuomo to step down “requires admitting that the other party has standards and lays bare, once again, the cravenness of the excuse-making for Trump that kept the lights on for the past five years.” Todd scolded Trump supporters: “There’s a lot of conservative media, acolytes, and propagandists that are very excited about Cuomo’s downfall, but they seem to not be very self-reflective.”

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