NBC Only Gingerly Confronts Growing Doubts About Biden 2024, Hunter Plea Deal

Cassandra DeVries | June 26, 2023
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On Sunday, NBC’s Meet the Press addressed a growing lack of confidence in President Biden’s leadership ability. While Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) dodged confronting the trend to favor a standard Biden campaign speech, moderator Chuck Todd followed up with a mild question about Hunter Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland attending the same state dinner for India's prime minister.

Naturally, it yielded a similar pro-Biden response.

Todd summarized a new poll NBC launched about President Biden’s ability to serve in the Oval Office:

We asked various questions having to do with President Biden and his ability to do the job. Does he have the mental and physical health to serve. The concern of Democrats has doubled since October 2020. It was only one in five Democrats that had that concern before election day 2020; it’s now over 40%, it’s 43%.