NBC News PANICS As Biden Support Fades Among Black Voters

MRC Latino | January 9, 2024
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GABE GUTIERREZ: The president's visit comes as his support among black voters is slipping. In 2020 he carried 92% of that group. But a recent NBC News poll shows just 61% would now choose him over a Republican. 

Do you think that the Biden administration is taking the black vote for granted? 

FLETCHER SMITH: Yes. His staff is. 

GUTIERREZ: Fletcher Smith worked with the Biden campaign in 2020. Now, he says he's very concerned about black voters staying home this November. 

SMITH: That administration looks like they don't want the black vote. I mean, you've got to speak to the black people. 

GUTIERREZ: Maurice Washington is a conservative who thinks the president focusing on threats to democracy won't work. 

MAURICE WASHINGTON: It has nothing to do with bringing the country together. 

GUTIERREZ: We spoke with a group of voters who want the president to do more on student debt relief and police reform. 

VOTER 1: I just feel like it's been a lot of broken promises. 

VOTER 2: I think the main issue for me right now is feeling like I am a priority for the people that are in charge. 

VOTER 3: It's clear based on what the people are asking for that he's not here to serve us. 

GUTIERREZ: The Biden campaign insists the president has taken action on those issues. The question now, Lester: will voters give him credit for it.

HOLT: All right. Gabe Gutierrez, thank you.