NBC Leans on Biden to Lecture Tim Scott About Racism in America


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South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott exposed the radical left for who they truly were with his Wednesday address following President Biden’s to Congress, saying “America is not a racist country.” It unleashed a tsunami of hate and racism from the left as CNN and MSNBC lashed out and Twitter let “Uncle Tim” trend for far too long. NBC Nightly News continued the left’s attack on a black conservative by having President Biden lecture Scott on what racism was really like in America.

From the opening tease, anchor Lester Holt was looking forward to Biden’s comments against Scott on race:

Also tonight, the first look at our NBC News exclusive interview with President Biden on his 100th day in office on the heels of his address to the nation. The President hitting the road to tout his multi-trillion-dollar plans for the largest government expansion in history. And his response to what Senator Tim Scott said in his Republican rebuttal about racism in America.

In just 60 seconds the backlash over comments on race by the senator who delivered the Republican rebuttal to President Biden's speech. The President's exclusive response tonight,” Holt hyped as he headed into the first commercial break.


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