NBC Lauds Romney: ‘President of the Republican Resistance’ to Trump


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Following his vote to convict President Trump on the impeachment charge of abuse of power, which ultimately failed, NBC Nightly News made their feelings clear and gave Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) a hero’s welcome. In back-to-back segments, they praised him for “voting his conscience over his party” and dubbed him “the president of the Republican resistance to Donald Trump.”

The gushing started with the report from Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt. “Today, Senator Mitt Romney, once the Republican presidential nominee, stood as his party's lone voice against President Trump,” she touted.

After noting Romney had split his votes and acquitted Trump of the obstruction of Congress charge, Hunt boasted how Romney “became the first senator ever to vote to convict the president of their own party in an impeachment trial.” The flip side of that factoid was the tacit admission that Democrats were uber-partisans.

Hunt spent a little bit of time recalling Romney’s flip-flopping when it came to the desire to be associated with Trump.


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