NBC to Jill Biden: Does Joe Opening His Mouth Cause You 'Anxiety?’


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While NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt refused to press Jill Biden on accusations she cheated on her first husband with then-Senator Joe Biden during his Thursday interview, he did awkwardly ask her whether or not she got nervous whenever her husband was addressing the public. He also pressed her when Joe planned to get out of his basement and visit the battleground states.

Following a cheeky question about giving NBC viewers a preview of her husband’s speech for later that night, Holt asked this shockingly pointed question about Jill’s confidence in her husband’s speaking ability:

Now, he has been known, as you know, sometimes to talk himself into corners, going off script and saying things that may divert from the message he wants to deliver. Is that something the two of you talk about, something you have anxiety about?

“Oh, gosh no,” she said. “You know, he knows exactly what he wants to say. He knows exactly where he wants to take this country. And that's what you are going to hear tonight.”


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