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NBC Ignores American Arrested in North Korea, But Slams Palin Photo


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<p>Troubling news broke out of North Korea early Sunday morning after an <a href="…; target="_blank">American citizen was arrest</a> by North Korean officials on Saturday. &ldquo;It has been confirmed that another American has been arrested in North Korea&#39;s capital, Pyongyang, which about 120 miles north from here from Seoul,&rdquo; reported ABC&rsquo;s Bob Woodruff during <em>Good Morning America</em>. It&rsquo;s shocking news that hits just as tensions between the U.S. and communist regime are near a boiling point. Despite those facts, NBC&rsquo;s Willie Geist failed to mention the development during his show, <em>Sunday Today</em>.</p>

<p>&ldquo;His name so far is not known,&rdquo; noted Woodruff. &ldquo;But the Sweden embassy, America&#39;s only real connection to North Korea&#39;s government has been told that he is a Korean-American in his 50s,&rdquo; he added, &ldquo;And had been in North Korea for about a month, working on relief efforts.&rdquo;</p>

<p>The reasoning behind the arrest was &ldquo;unknown,&rdquo; <a href="…; target="_blank">according to CNN</a> at the time, but the reported that &ldquo;The US State Department on Sunday said it was working on the case.&rdquo;</p>

<p>Woodruff stated that &ldquo;today&#39;s news really marks the third detention of a U.S. citizen by North Korea in the past 16 months.&rdquo; One such American detained was Otto Warmbier, who was sentenced to &ldquo;15 years of hard labor for allegedly removing a political sign from a hotel wall.&rdquo; The other prisoner was Kim Dong Chul. North Korea claims he was a spy and he&rsquo;s not doing 10 years of hard labor.</p>

<p>Instead of reported this disturbing news, Geist chose to harp on the White House photo-op involving former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock.&nbsp;</p>


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