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NBC Ignored Joe Biden's Smear of Indian Americans, but Hypes GOP Congressman's 'Slur'


<p>In 2006, Joe Biden, a powerful senator and future vice president, smeared Indian Americans as mostly working at 7-11. At the time, NBC (and the other networks) completely ignored the story. But when obscure Congressman Don Young referred to Hispanic migrant workers as "wetbacks," NBC's Today on Friday show devoted a full segment to the story. Reporter Kelly O'Donnell explained how the Alaska Representative gave an interview to a local radio station and "he used an offensive slur to describe" Latinos. &nbsp;She then used this as an excuse to highlight the GOP as out of touch: "Young's comments come at a time when the Republican Party is struggling to connect with minorities after failing to do that in the 2012 presidential election where 71 percent of Latinos voted for President Obama."&nbsp;</p><p>Video cross-posted at <a href="…;

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