NBC Hypes U.S.-Bashing Sprinter, Ignores Belarusian Sprinter Defection


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On Monday, NBC Nightly News showed that they would take any opportunity to smear America on the world stage. As part of their so-called “Inspiring America” series, anchor Lester Holt highlighted U.S. Olympic sprinter Noah Lyles as he suggested America didn’t want him as a black man and that the country was trying to kill him. Meanwhile, Holt ignored Belarusian sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya who defected to Poland to escape the oppression of communism and protect her life.

After noting that Lyles had overcome asthma and a learning disability on his way to becoming an Olympian (something that should actually inspire America), Holt guided the conversation to the young man’s “depression” around social justice. “But some of Lyles' light dimmed this past year. He admits he has struggled with the pandemic and the country's racial justice reckoning,” Holt declared.

According to Lyles, the Black Lives Matter protests made him upset because they showed him America doesn’t want him because he’s black and is actively trying to kill him.


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