NBC Hypes ‘Fears’ of Hispanics & Muslims on Eve of Trump Inauguration

Kyle Drennen | January 19, 2017
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More in the cross-post on the MRC's NewsBusters blog.

A Thursday report on NBC’s Today featured the on-screen headline: “The Fear of the Unknown; Hispanics & Muslims Look Ahead to New Administration.” Correspondent Gadi Schwartz began the segment by fretting over the fate of illegal immigrants: “Like hundreds of thousands across the country, Perla Berazza was a student with a secret and a constant fear....she qualified for the Deferred Action Childhood Arrival program created by President Obama....But the program, known as DACA, is in the cross-hairs of President-elect Donald Trump.”

After playing a clip of Trump calling for “a whole new set of standards” for the nation’s immigration system, he warned: “...over 700,000 recipients of DACA, like University of Arizona freshman Maria Graciagio, now fear that the information they gave could be used as the beginnings of a deportation registry that could rip families apart.”