NBC Hypes ‘Energized’, ‘Fiesty’ Biden’s ‘Mix of Energy, Humor, Combativeness’ at SOTU

Curtis Houck | March 8, 2024
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Just as ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday got weak knees over President Biden’s State of the Union address, NBC’s Today followed suit by swooning over the “energized” and “fiesty” President’s “mix of energy, humor, combativeness” to deliver a “poignant” speech with “an optimistic view” on the economy standing up for “main street.”

Chief White House correspondent and Saturday Today co-host Peter Alexander pulled together highlights, starting with hefty notes of praise: “President Biden delivering a mix of energy, humor, combativeness as well as plenty of ad-libs directed at his Republican critics. From President Biden a feisty State of the Union address...relishing the back and forth with Republicans.”