NBC Gets Upset Deputies Didn’t Let Teen Run Them Over With Car


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Do they want cops dead? It might sound like a hyperbolic question but when there’s a video of a car accelerating towards sheriff’s deputies and NBC Nightly News was upset they killed the driver behind the wheel, it becomes a valid question. Especially when they’re using the incident to push a race-baiting agenda and trying to defund the police.

The incident in question occurred last Friday when Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies followed what they thought was a stolen vehicle. When officers got out of their cars, they issued multiple orders for the driver to “stop the vehicle.” After reversing, the teen puts it in drive and rockets at deputies. The deputies then opened fire, killing the driver and a passenger in the backseat.

Of course, NBC had to play the race card. “New dashcam video showing a Florida deputy opening fire on a car moving towards a deputy killing two back teens. Their families tonight are demanding answers,” announced anchor Lester Holt.

At the top of the video portion of the report, correspondent Sam Brock lied to viewers by claiming the car was stopped just before the shots rang out.


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