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NBC Finds God; Al Roker Decries ‘Sin’ of Not Fighting Global Warming


[See NewsBusters for more.] NBC’s Today on Thursday decried “sin” in America. Of course, it’s the sin of not doing enough to fight climate change. The morning show profiled an evangelical church in Washington D.C. that is lobbying Christians to take a stand on global warming. After Dr. Katharine Hayhoe talked about the responsibility to save the Earth, Al Roker marveled, “Amen to that. We are stewards of this Earth. And to not take care of it, and to not take action, is a sin.” What if NBC had profiled a church opposing abortion? Can anyone imagine Roker cheering on their efforts to fight “sin?” Today third hour co-host Carson Daly introduced the segment by awkwardly hyping, “This morning, we're taking you to one church where scripture isn't the only thing they're preaching about.” 

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