NBC Fails to Disclose They’re Banned from Kenosha Courthouse, Stalked Jury


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Starkly absent from their Thursday evening update on the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, NBC Nightly News failed to disclose to viewers that the network and MSNBC were barred from stepping foot in the Kenosha, Wisconsin courthouse after police caught a producer blowing a stoplight as he stalked the bus carrying the jury.

According to the acting job anchor Lester “fairness is overrated” Holt and national correspondent Gabe Gutierrez were putting on, it was just a bland day in the courtroom. “In Kenosha, Wisconsin still no verdict tonight in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Our Gabe Gutierrez is there. And the judge sending the jury home after a third day of deliberations, Gabe,” Holt announced.

And for Gutierrez’s perspective and retelling, all the interesting happenings were going on OUTSIDE the courthouse: “Today, once again, a small group of demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse here. Several schools in Kenosha have closed and switched to virtual learning in anticipation of a possible verdict.”


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