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NBC Downplays Purpose of NoKo Cheer Squad, CBS Points Out Dark Truth


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After NBC took to Twitter over the weekend to tout how it was “so satisfying to watch” the North Korean cheerleading squad (before deleting it), Monday’s NBC Nightly News danced around and largely voided the reason the squad was there and what their actual purpose was. In contrast, CBS Evening News highlighted the outrage against the group and the dark reason they were performing.

Towards the end of a long segment about the Olympics, NBC News reporter Stephanie Gosk touted how much attention the cheerleaders were getting. “Not competing but getting a lot of attention here, those North Korean cheerleaders who have been stealing the show at hockey,” she said before downplaying the reason why they were attending. “Critics are calling them propaganda performers sent by Kim Jong-un to put a smiling face on a brutal regime.

So according to NBC, it was only the opinion of “critics” that said the cheerleaders were a propaganda tool for the North.


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