NBC Decries GOP Wins: Proof 'The Country Is More Divided Than Ever'


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On Wednesday, NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt didn’t hide how she and the network were irritated by the fact Republicans looked set to retain control of the Senate, while simultaneously picking up seats in the House. They were results that flew in the face of the liberal media’s prediction that the GOP would lose everything on Election Day. But reality left her flustered on NBC Nightly News, declaring: “These results really show that the country is more divided than ever.

Taking her comment at its face, it meant she viewed national unity as one-party rule under the thumb of Democrats. And leading into Hunt’s report, anchor Lester Holt announced that “the critical battle for control of the Senate” was still up in the air, “But it appears the Democrats' hope of taking back the majority is fading.”

Democrats actually lost seats in the House, which they really weren't expecting. They were expecting to gain seats and some Democrats are telling me they worry that this is going to embolden Republicans,” she lamented to Holt, “and that it really may make it harder to overcome gridlock in Washington.”


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