NBC Comes Out Against Gas Stoves, Lobbies Heavily for Induction Tops

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 16, 2023
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In the midst of the blow-up last week after an unelected bureaucrat with the Consumer Product Safety Commission floated the idea of a national ban on gas stoves, NBC’s Today came out against your freedom of choice in how you cook your food. During their Friday newscast, the liberal journalists pushed the debunked study that purportedly linked gas stoves to asthma and lobbied heavily for people to buy induction stoves, omitting the fact that they could cost over three times as much as a gas stove.

At the top of the segment, wealth liberal anchors Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Craig Melvin shared a laugh at how people were outraged and decried the floated draconian measure.

Correspondent Sam Brock joined in on the mocking and quipped that “their blood was boiling there for a moment … pun intended…” “The agency itself says it`s not planning on banning gas stoves, but the warning has kick-started a conversation right now about gas stoves versus electric or even induction with child health top of mind in this,” he said.


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