NBC Claims Trump Is ‘Nervous’ of Obama Using the ‘Might’ of His Name


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In two college graduation speeches over the weekend, former President Obama bashed President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Of course, this drew the adulation of the liberal media. Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC was a prime example of this as their panel of journalists gushed and suggested Trump was “nervous” of Obama becoming active in the 2020 race, and said the bashing was just the beginning of Obama using the “might” of his name.

At the top of the panel discussion, NBC political director Chuck Todd showed off a soundbite of Obama’s speech, and teed up NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander to tout how the address was an example of “one vision of leadership, versus what we have seen from President Trump in recent days.” Obviously, the implication was that Obama’s was the right kind of leadership.

“But what this really, sort of, underscores is that break in what was that, sort of, presidential tradition where there wasn't any criticism, sort of, back and forth,” Alexander said.

To follow up Alexander, Todd looked to PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor to comment on how Obama was “careful with his words. That's a written speech. That's a vetted speech. He made this decision to engage.”


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