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NBC Boasts New ‘Big Idea’ Series, Just a Megaphone for 2020 Dem Campaigns


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To round out their political coverage Monday evening, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt boasted of the network’s new series “My Big Idea”, which they planned to expand on as the 2020 Democratic primary continued.

Holt made it very clear that the series was only open to the “big ideas” that were being put forward by the leftist field. “And tonight, we're launching a series with our Harry Smith to let candidates tell you the idea they say separates them from the vast field of contenders. We're calling it ‘My Big Idea’, and first up, Senator Bernie Sanders.”

Where was this series in 2015 when the Republicans had their own oversized field of candidates? NBC must not have thought they had any “big ideas” worth promoting.

Smith’s interview with socialist Senator Sanders started out with some real mind-numbing questions. “Softball” didn’t really describe Smith’s approach to the interview. Softballs have mass. He seemed to be throwing air.


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