NBC Blames Trump Backers for COVID Deaths, Tells People to Be ‘Angry’


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In a disgusting closing lecture Wednesday in which NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt though was an intellectual pontification, he told people to get angry at how the U.S. had surpassed 250,000 coronavirus deaths. And as he was telling them that, images of Trump supporters marching through Washington, D.C. and other anti-lockdown protesters flashed on the screen in grim black and white color manipulation.

“As we cross the quarter-million mark of those we’ve lost to COVID in this country, we find ourselves going through a familiar ritual, a shake of the head, a deep sigh, and a sense of helplessness. But after that, what's left? Maybe anger,” Holt asked as he came back from a commercial break.

As the video portion of the segment began, Holt began showing the grim images (pictured above) and asked: “Do 250,000 deaths give us permission to be mad over these super spreader moments? Surely we know better by now. How about anger at those who refuse to wear masks? Or still, cling to denial?


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