NBC Approves Biden’s Foreign Policy, 'Confronting' Russia 'Unlike' Trump


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Ahead of President Biden’s address to Congress tomorrow, NBC Nightly News spent part of its Tuesday newscast gaslighting the American people about the President’s foreign policy successes in his first 100 days and trying to memory hole former President Trump’s seismic moves around the globe. At one point, they pushed the lie that Trump had never confronted Russia in any way and then lashed out at Israel while protecting Iran.

“President Biden promised to reach out to allies and punish adversaries,” touted fan girl and chief foreign affairs correspondent Andre Mitchell. “What's the record show at the 100-day mark?”

Well, near the top of her report Mitchell boasted that “Biden is confronting the Russian leader, unlike Donald Trump.” She then held up the handful of sanctions he’s put in place and his “warning” to Putin:

Sanctioning Russia for election interference, hacking government agencies and U.S. companies, poisoning opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and he's warning Putin against threatening Ukraine. Still, he's invited Putin to a summit in a third country, possibly this summer.

What Mitchell was hoping NBC viewers would forget was the fact Trump had kicked 60 Russian diplomats out of the United States in 2018 after a nerve agent was used against a former Russian spy living in the U.K. And here’s the kicker (pun intended), NBC reported it.


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