NBC Allows a Scant 12 Seconds on Death of Heroic National Guardsman at Border

Scott Whitlock | April 26, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The network newscasts are still burying the heroic, tragic story of Bishop E. Evans of Arlington Texas. This Army National Guardsman jumped in the Rio Grande River on Friday to save two migrants who were drowning, losing his own life in the process. NBC finally covered the story on Tuesday night, but just for a scant 12 seconds. CBS STILL hasn’t discussed his sacrifice. On the NBC Nightly News, reporter Morgan Chesky covered a Republican delegation visiting the border to see the crisis. During that segment, he managed to note this: “The group also honored Specialist Bishop Evans, a National Guardsman whose body was recovered today in the Rio Grande. Authorities say he disappeared in a fast current Friday, trying to save two drowning migrants.” 

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