National Review’s Rich Lowry Takes Fire from Outnumbered Panel on 'Insulting' Trump, Supporters


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<p>After FNC&rsquo;s <em>Outnumbered</em> offered near unanimous condemnation of <em>National Review</em>&rsquo;s anti-Donald Trump issue and editor-in-chief Rich Lowry a few weeks ago, Lowry responded as a guest host on Tuesday&rsquo;s show and not surprisingly was bombarded with criticism and accused of being<strong> &ldquo;elitist,&rdquo; &ldquo;really, really rude,&rdquo;</strong> and part of <strong>&ldquo;the establishment&rdquo; </strong>for having<strong> &ldquo;insulted&rdquo;</strong> voters by opposing Trump.</p>

<p>The show started late with live footage of a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire but co-host Andrea Tantaros started right afterward by turning to Lowry and declaring that he <strong>&ldquo;took a lot of blowback on that cover&rdquo; </strong>and demanded to know why he celebrated Trump&rsquo;s loss to Ted Cruz.</p>

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