National Conservative Voice Adryana Boyne Schools La Raza's Clarissa Martinez On Immigration

MRC Latino | June 28, 2016
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ADRYANA BOYNE, DIRECTOR, VOCES ACTION: …he [Trump] will move more to the center when he officially becomes the nominee, but we also have to remember that when we are talking about elections, [in regards to] the question you're posing, we're not talking about immigration. We are talking about presidential elections, we are looking for a president who will bring jobs to this country, improve the economy, so that we have lower taxes, less growth of government, have a better life, to have all these things, that include and also affects immigration, we need to have a person who really has transparency and I think the accountability in the Republican Party for its candidates for president, to the presidency, it is clear and stronger than what we have seen in the Democratic Party, where there is no such transparency and integrity. Mrs. Clinton not only would be a continuation of what President Obama has been, but it would be even worse because the lady is under criminal investigation by the FBI, everyone knows she’s unaccountable and not transparent. So the contrast is strong among both candidates, then to focus more on what was this decision just taken, because I remind you once again, President Obama did not keep his promise to bring immigration reform and instead took these executive actions. Which I want to remind Clarissa that 27 times the President said he could not carry out this type of decision. 27 times he said it. After that, he changed his mind. A person who is supposed to know the Constitution as President. So then don’t confuse the Latino community with wordiness, Clarissa. The truth and the facts are there. The President failed in his promise, did not pass immigration reform, tried to solve it with a Band-Aid, and failed.