CNN’s Amanpour, Toobin Meltdown Over Trump Effect on SCOTUS, ‘Far-Right’ Europeans


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<p>By Wednesday morning, the on-air, online, and print meltdowns by liberal media types were exploding at an exponential rate with CNN&rsquo;s <em>New Day</em> facilitating a few as senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin shrieked at the idea of conservatives on the Supreme Court while chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour lost it over <strong>&ldquo;far-right&rdquo; </strong>European figures being<strong> &ldquo;eager and jubilant&rdquo;</strong> about President-Elect Donald Trump.</p>

<p>Toobin, who spent the previous week attacking FBI Director James Comey, took an exclusively liberal and negative spin on certain issues that could come before the Supreme Court with a Trump-appointed justice.&nbsp;</p>

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