MSNBC's Willie Geist Alarmed by GDP Numbers While Stephanie Ruhle Tries to Redefine Recession

Margaret Buckley | July 28, 2022
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It is Thursday, and on this edition of Morning Joe, barely a word uttered about January 6! The main highlight this time was the GDP numbers being released, and the show’s relief host Willie Geist did not seem too happy about what these numbers represent: America in a recession.

To sum it up, these GDP numbers “show another contraction for a second consecutive quarter which could signal the U.S. economy is in recession. This comes after the federal reserve raised interest rates again yesterday with the FED chair saying the path to avoiding recession has, quote, ‘narrowed.’”

To discuss these alarming numbers further, Geist brought on Stephanie Ruhle, host of MSNBC’s The 11th Hour. She's also a “business analyst” for NBC, but her business analysis was far from stellar.