MSNBC's Tur Whines: 'Why Are Democrats So Hesitant to Start Impeachment Proceedings?'

Ryan Foley | March 2, 2019
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Guest hosting The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Friday night, Katy Tur read aloud an NBC News article co-written by the network's "objective" political director Chuck Todd, which asks "how do (Democrats) reconcile their growing belief that President Trump has committed crimes - especially after Michael Cohen's testimony on Wednesday - with their hesitation/reluctance to consider impeachment?"  Tur herself appeared to express disappointment with some of the Democrats she had spoken with earlier in the week who refused to take a definitive stance on impeachment. Tur asked one of her guests "why are Democrats so hesitant to start impeachment proceedings?" According to Tur, "they have an abundance of avenues to take, there's the obstruction angle, there's Donald Trump's taxes potentially...Michael Cohen accused him of committing a felony while he was the President of the United States. That's a lot more than they had with Nixon."  

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