MSNBC's Stengel on Withdrawal: 'People Will Say, Yep, He Got Us Out of There'

Alex Christy | August 31, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Former Time magazine managing editor, former Obama State Department official, and current MSNBC analyst Rick Stengel joined Deadline: White House on Tuesday to react to President Biden's latest speech on Afghanistan. Stengel predicted that when the history books are written, "people will say, yep, he got us out of there."

Stengel tried to provide historical analogies for his claim that the previous couple of weeks were a success, "At the risk of seeming like an ivory tower professor, I just want to put the withdrawal in historical context. Here's a disastrous withdrawal: when the British left Afghanistan in 1842, 4,500 troops left Kabul and one Englishman 11 days later arrived in Jalalabad, that was a disastrous evacuation."

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