MSNBC Host Scolds McCain for Calling Anti-War Protesters 'Scum'


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<p>Even as his fellow <em>Morning Joe</em> co-hosts praised John McCain on Friday for denouncing Code Pink anti-war protesters who attempted to disrupt a Senate hearing as &quot;low-life sum,&quot; MSNBC&#39;s Thomas Roberts lectured the Republican Senator for shutting down the intruders: <strong>&quot;If people want to show up and protest, right? They should be allowed to hear their voices. And instead of calling Capitol Hill police and them calling them &#39;low-life scum.&#39;&quot;</strong></p>

<p>Bloomberg&#39;s John Heilemann was incredulous: &quot;Really? You think you should be allowed to show up at a Senate hearing and just like disrupt a Senate hearing? I mean, I&#39;m all for peaceful protests and everything, but like, you know, you&#39;re in a Capitol Hill hearing room, you think people should just be able to like go in there and scream?&quot;</p>

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