MSNBC’s Reid Cackles Assent As Elie Mystal Goes On Unhinged Race Rant

MRC Latino | June 7, 2024
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JOY REID: So at this point, Elie, I guess they just take all the 30-year-old right wing college graduates from Liberty University and send them on fancy trips and then (unint). 

ELIE MYSTAL: Yeah, right? I mean, look. I think it's important for people to ask what are these people paying for, right? What are they getting for their $4 million they have given to Clarence Thomas over the past 20 years? And what they're getting, just to link your last segment together, what they're getting is what Byron Donalds wants. What they're getting is Jim Crow, right? What they're getting is a guy like Clarence Thomas who like Byron Donalds' entire judicial philosophy is that, well, there- some Negroes are magic, right? No matter what the white man does to us, we can just rise above as long as they don't shoot us or kill us or rape us or drown us, right? And if you tell people that, if you're black, if you're Donalds, if you're Thomas and you tell white people that, they will give you money. And that is what's happened to Clarence Thomas for 20 years. He has told white folks exactly what they want to hear, ruled exactly as they would like him to rule. And done it as their black friend, and so the money is just pouring out, and you see it in these reports where, again, Clarence Thomas -- in the figures that we saw today, you know, Sam Alito made like $200,000 disclosed gifts over the past- you know, disclosed gifts over the past 20 years. Antonin Scalia, the hero of their movement, again around $200,000. Clarence Thomas, $4 million.

REID: It's wild.

MYSTAL: That's why Tim Scott exists. That's why Byron Donalds exists. That's why Candace Owens exists, because the grift is good. There's a lot of money in telling white folks what they need to hear.