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MSNBC's Reid Accuses Trump of Putting on Roman Coliseum 'With Little Brown Kids and Abuelas'


On Friday, Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace sat down with her colleague, Joy Reid, to discuss her new book The Man Who Sold America.  The segment consisted of nothing more than Reid and Wallace bashing President Trump and his supporters and psychoanalyzing the President. Reid argued that President Trump resents the fact that President Obama had movie stars join him for movie nights at the White House: "I think, in his mind, if the black guy could get all of that by being elected President, so should I...I deserve it more than him." Reid trashed President Trump's base and their desire to "be the center of attention" of the culture before accusing President Trump of saying to them: "you're the center of my attention and I don't give a damn about the brown people and I will hurt them for you. I will let you watch them get hurt. I'll do a Roman Coliseum for you and put little brown kids and abuelas in it so that you can see...I'll physically demonstrate that I'm your guy and not their guy and it's not their country." 

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