MSNBC’s Joy Reid Smears DeSantis as Racist Supporter of Fascist Italy

Brent Baker | January 23, 2023
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Upset by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to bar teaching of an advanced placement high school course on African-American history, which conservatives consider to serve up radical-left, anti-American material, MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Thursday launched into an attack on the potential republican presidential candidate as a fascist-loving racist. 

“The law which led to the decision on the course, the Stop Woke Act, she began, “is aimed at eradicating the teaching of history, gender identity and sexual orientation in favor of curriculum that centers and lionizes people who look like Ron DeSantis.”

She referred to DeSantis as “the book-banning wannabe president” and demurred that while “I’m not saying Ron DeSantis is racist, but to quote Andrew Gillum, I think the racists might think he’s racist.”

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