MSNBC's Hayes Assails France for Voting to Step Up Airstrikes on ISIS


<p><span><a href="ā€¦ more at NewsBusters</a> | Insisting that the best weapon to deploy against terrorists was &quot;thinking,&quot; MSNBC host Chris Hayes on his January 13 <em>All In</em> program lamented various reactions to last week&#39;s Charlie Hebdo spree shooting as uncritical, unthinking overreactions. Lumped in with controversial tweets by Rupert Murdoch and Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas), Hayes blasted the lower house of the French National Assembly for voting overwhelmingly to ramp up airstrikes against ISIS.</span></p>

<p><span>&quot;France is already on a war footing,&quot; Hayes whined, &quot;with its defense minister proclaiming that ISIS must be wiped out and the country deploying 10,000 troops to boost security within the borders of France.&quot; Hayes then connected the dots to the American Left&#39;s favored bogeyman, George W. Bush and his response to the 9/11 attacks,</span></p>

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