MSNBC’s Favorite Kind of Republican for Convention Nights: Ex Republicans

Scott Whitlock | August 25, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Who are the best type of Republicans to give the GOP perspective on night one of the party’s convention? Well, if you're at MSNBC, the answer is ex-Republicans who are doing their best to elect Democrats. In order to understand the out of touch, delusional perspective MSNBC holds, it’s helpful to see a list of who the network turned to on Monday night for coverage. Brian Williams introduced Steve Schmidt, he’s an ex-Republican aide to the 2008 John McCain campaign who is now determined to elect Democrats. As Brian Williams said: “Back with us tonight, Steve Schmidt, veteran political strategist, leader of the John McCain '08 campaign effort, who has since left the party. He was among the founders, in fact, of the Lincoln Project, dedicated to the defeat of one Donald Trump and Trumpism.”

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