MSNBC's Bashir Gives Platform to Frank Schaeffer to Slander Christian Conservatives as Racist Proponents of Christian 'Sharia'


The conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition is in the middle of a
three-day "conference and strategy briefing" in Washington, D.C., which
proved to be a sufficient justification for MSNBC's Martin Bashir to
bring back anti-conservative-Christian hatemonger <a href="">Frank Schaeffer</a> to denounce the meeting as essentially a congress of an American Christian Taliban.</p>
"I think what you have to understand when you look at the religious
right in action these days is that they speak in Orwellian doublespeak.
They say the opposite of what they mean. They talk about faith and
freedom, the conference should really be called Politics and Bondage,"
Schaeffer, the prodigal son of the late famous evangelical theologian
Francis Schaeffer snarled.</p><p><br />Read more <a href="ā€¦; target="_blank">here.</a></p>

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