MSNBC Warns of GOP 'Experimenting With Voter Suprresion'

Alex Christy | July 29, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The Atlantic's Adam Serwer joined Katy Tur Reports guest host Geoff Bennett on Thursday to discuss a piece he wrote where he attacked Democrats from the left on not doing enough to fight alleged GOP voter suppression. With Bennett, he accused the GOP of "experimenting with voter suppression" so that "they have no longer have any need to respect the rights of their constituents."

Bennett led Serwer by reading from his article, "I want to draw you out on something that you wrote in this Atlantic piece, because you say this about the Democratic voters, 'The targeted constituencies must treat every election cycle as though their fundamental rights are on the line, and to listen to the Democrats leaders compare the voting restrictions targeting their right to the franchise as the new Jim crow and then watch the same leaders do nothing with the power they are given other than to tell them to simply outorganize those who are trying to deprive them of the right to vote, this pattern cannot be repeated forever.'"

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