MSNBC Stretches for Race Double Standard in Police Shooting Case

bradwilmouth | February 19, 2022
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MSNBC's The Cross Connection

February 19, 2022

11:06 a.m. Eastern

TIFFANY CROSS: The amazing Sherrilyn Ifill tweeted a really good point, and tweeted, as she was watching this sentencing, that she couldn't help but remember the Somali American police officer in Minnesota who also made a mistake, quote, unquote, shooting a white Australian tourist, and he was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison.

So if seeing these two justice systems play out for the rest of America, it is enraging -- enraging, your thoughts on the whole situation?

CHRISTINA GREER, THE GRIO: Yeah, Tiffany, you know, Officer Potter is a human being, and she has family, and I understand. She has  emotions and has a right to feel what she feels. I think what was so frustrating and infuriating and so incredibly sad to me is, "This isn't about you, Officer Potter -- this is about, yet again, another family of a black boy who has lost a member of their community."

And so when I'm reminded that you don't need white people to uphold white supremacy, you know, as (MSNMB analyst) Catie (Phang) said, there is a putative aspect of the criminal justice system, but we know -- we've seen time and time again, it's just not allocated equally. If it worked across the board, fine, I would have some investments in faith in it, but we've got black women facing five and six years for trying to register to vote. We're not even talking about drugs -- we're talking about people who are trying to be citizens. And so it really does raise a question of "Can we ever really be equal citizens of this country?" when even after death, we have no justice, and we have no peace.