MSNBC Still Wondering if Trump Admin Used Lab Leak Theory As 'a Scapegoat'

Alex Christy | May 28, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Andrea Mitchell Reports guest host Peter Alexander was forced to acknowledge on Friday that maybe Trump Administration officials were correct, or at the very least, not conspiracy theorists, in declaring COVID-19 to be the result of a lab leak. Still, Alexander wondered if the former administration was looking for a scapegoat, a notion former Pence staffer-turned MSM hero Olivia Troye was to eager to affirm.

Alexander asked Troye to comment on the fact that, "President Trump declared a year ago he had seen strong evidence -- he had a high degree of confidence there was a lab leak. He’s now claiming vindication. What was going on behind the scenes then? Was President Trump and your old boss, the vice president, were they more focused on finding a scapegoat than formulating a response?"

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