MSNBC Says It's Racist for State Police to Enforce Law in Jackson, MS

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 27, 2023
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Homicide and other crimes in Jackson, Mississippi were so out of control, that the state legislature felt the need to step in and aid the city’s law enforcement by expanding the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police to help fill the gap. But according to the anti-cop liberals of MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Reports on Thursday, it’s racist for the legislature to do this because it’s “majority-white” and the Capitol Police don’t answer to someone who “looks like us” (A.K.A wasn’t black).

“There's a looming showdown over race, justice, and policing that's playing out in Jackson, Mississippi right now,” anchor Chris Jansing warned. “The state legislature passed a law that some say amounts to a takeover of policing and courts in the state's capital city which is more than 80 percent black.”

Correspondent Trymaine Lee expanded on what Jansing said by suggesting the goal of “the Republican-led, majority-white legislature” was to steal power and control away from black people.


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