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MSNBC’s Hall, Roberts: Bill Clinton’s Cheating Involved Only ‘Alleged' Affairs


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<p>In an utterance that could only be described as outrageous and irresponsible, MSNBC hosts Tamron Hall and Thomas Roberts went unchallenged by their combined four guests Monday morning and afternoon as they claimed that Bill Clinton&rsquo;s voluminous instances of marital infidelity were just<strong> &ldquo;alleged affairs&rdquo; </strong>or<strong> &ldquo;alleged misconduct&rdquo; </strong>in context of Donald Trump invoking them over the weekend.</p>

<p>Hall first played soundbites from Trump&rsquo;s interview the day before on NBC&rsquo;s<em> Meet the Press</em> and after mentioning that <strong>&ldquo;Trump and Speaker Ryan scheduled to meet in Washington this Thursday,&rdquo;</strong> she stated that she and her three guests have everything 2016 related to cover in the segment.&nbsp;</p>

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