MSNBC Panel Rips Trump's 'Wrecking Ball Tour,' Accuses Trump of Interfering in the British Election

Ryan Foley | July 14, 2018
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During Friday's edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, the panel reacted to the press conference by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussing the indictment of 12 Russians for their interference in the 2016 Presidential election in addition to the President's overseas trip. Host Andrea Mitchell seemed to reject the finding of Rosenstein that there is no evidence of collusion at this time, suggesting that "clearly there is a nexus between what was happening that summer and the comments of the President," referring to his sarcastic comments suggesting that Russia should release Hillary Clinton's missing e-mails.  Mitchell also blasted President Trump for praising Boris Johnson and suggesting he would make a good Prime Minister, asking "when have we last seen an American President interfere in a British election or any overseas election of an ally?"  Apparently, she forgot about President Obama’s meddling in the Israel election on behalf of Netanyahu’s opponent.  Finally, Former US Ambassador to NATO Nick Burns described President Trump's entire overseas trip as a "wrecking ball tour of Europe."  

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